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Seven Days to Learn: Rainbow Six: Siege

Seven Days to Learn: Rainbow Six: Siege

So, there is a new addiction going on in the group …

It’s called Rainbow Six: Siege. Seriously, everyone is going a bit crazy, as you can see here, here, and here – and basically everywhere if you have been following us for the last couple of weeks. And of course I was too cheap to get the game on release so I started about six weeks after everyone already familiarized themselves with it. Since you seemed to enjoy the diary style I did a couple of years ago I’ll just take notes about the first seven (spoiler alert: It’s gonna be eight!) days of trying to catch up with the crowd and see how out of practice I really am as I haven’t played multiplayer FPS on PC in ages – so that’s gonna be fun, isn’t it?

On the other hand: How hard can it be? It’s just about shooting people, right? Wow, was I wrong.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege2016-1-12-20-36-1

No, don’t look at the dead guys! The stats, dude!

Day 1:

Wow, do I suck at this!

Had to retry the first situation like five times before I got it right. WTF? Feels like I am getting used to the game though. At least I don’t die … so much. Thinking about getting all the stars for this one. I also hate this weapon, would prefer something with an actual scope. Meh.

Situation 2: Hostage. Great. Escort missions? Not a fan here! Blew myself up with a breaching pack. Good job! Next: Finally, a scope! Nice! Got blown up by a bomber and by Nitrocells on the floor. Learning curve, guys!

Day 2 & 3:

Did more situations. Hmm. The one with IQ kinda annoyed me. Award for most hated object goes to: Nitrocells.

Joined gaming night. Everyone is fortyfing and barricading stuff. So, I’ll just take this wall and this door then and … oh, you’re breaking it down again? That’s okay, I guess? So, I will just tag along and try not to be in the way then, k?

Oh, FYI: If you sneak up next to me unexpectedly there’s a good chance I will panic and kill you no matter what team you’re on. Sorry ‘bout that by the way … again! I actually did not get killed too often but that was because I didn’t actually do anything. Gotta work on this.

Day 4:

Went for some Terrorist Hunt and soon found a group of people who I could stick with as we all seemed equally experienced (or unexperienced) – had some pretty nice games there and for some reason people started following me around – like I know what I am doing! But at least I tried doing stuff this time … that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Better than hiding in the corner and being the last one up with no real plan and everyone watching.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege2016-1-20-20-47-32

Yeah, cute right?

Day 5 (a week later):

More Terrorist Hunt. Feels like I am farming renown. Which is basically what I am doing. If I see this University map again I am gonna quit. Would count that session as averagely successful though. At least I finally unlocked Glaz – let’s see if I can come up with a strategy that makes sniping useful. Because sniping? Count me in! It’s all about knowing the maps anyway, right?

Day 6:

Went in with the crowd. Goal: Not embarrass myself. Which basically meant: Tagging along and not being in the way, trying to guess where to barricade and reading the minds of everyone to figure out where to attack from. And not to die of course. But usually not dying for me means not taking risks and then suddenly being the last one up and about – but: No pressure!


Day 7:

Did some MP on my own. Went fine so far. Kinda. No one yelled at me at least. Encountered another group of chatty people actually trying to involve me and very soon figuring out that I am in fact new. Meh. Seemed like nice guys, too bad I was too embarrassed to talk to them. But again: Being the last one standing is really not something I like for now.

The rest of the XP4T-crowd got on so we did some Terrorist Hunt on, uh, realistic? Allright, I’ll just pretend to have done this thousands of time, then! And I’ll also pretend that three of them aren’t super serious and really good at this … stage fright! Why am I the only one left again? Oh, right, because I was hiding like the chicken I am. At least I didn’t miss my targets as badly as usual … phew!

Day 8:

Went back to get some screenshots. Did some terrorist hunt (on hard, yay me!) and everyone was crazy – like this guy who walked up to me when I was wounded and shot me straight in the face. WTF, bitch? And: Thursday, so Gaming night! So we picked up that British guy on MP and then one German guy joined our TS and he brought a friend, then Spartan joined and another German guy so all over sudden we started doing 4v4 custom games – and that was the most fun I had in ages. I mean, I basically didn’t do anything (well, dying of course) but all over sudden there was real communication, real strategizing and a kind of easy going “it doesn’t matter how much we (you) suck, let’s just have fun playing together”-attitude going around that made the whole night really enjoyable.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege2016-1-13-23-59-22

So, that’s basically it. After that I did a few games by myself from time to time, nothing too fancy. I can absolutely see why people love it and I really want to as well, but I am not really sure I have the time and patience to get my skills back up (I used to be good at that stuff – like fifteen years ago or so!) and continue farming renown or just try to keep up with the rest of the crowd … or if this will be one of those games you just own and you return to from time to time for a quick shot in someone’s face.

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