Wednesday 06th July 2022,
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Smite Me

The game where you get to play gods!

(Jesus and Mohammed sold separately)

So amidst the controversy (dun dun dun), surrounding Hi-Rez’s newest title, I decided to take the risk of having my politically correct immortal soul ruined and test the SMITE beta.

And whaddaya know, Kali is TONS of fun to play.

We’ll get back to the controversy in a moment, but let’s first catch up on what exactly SMITE is. Successor, or copycat, of games like League of Legends, SMITE is a third person perspective MOBA. That’s multiplayer online battle arena for you laymen. You get to pick yourself a god and beat the shit out of other gods in 5v5 battles.

The gods come with a variety of abilities which creates a unique experience for each of them. Tactic is very important in this game, you need to know what you’re playing and how to play it. Some gods are more powerful than others, and SMITE’s devs are making no excuses for it. But bad players are bad, even when in command of the OP (overpowered) gods, while good players will destroy you while playing the weakest jungler around.

Oh, and it’s free to play and already they are selling you the gods. Woot, Closed Beta money is the best kind!

So that’s the game, you level up, gain skills, there’s a lot of equipment, and plenty of strategy. So what about the controversy? Well, let’s be honest, the gaming industry is generally pretty controversial. Having a group cry out in insult over a game isn’t anything new. Why they are picking on SMITE for representing Kali when there are multiple other games who have done the same, I don’t know. Check this list out.

To complain about her being scantily clad seems also slightly hypocritical when looking at some of her religious depictions: awesome pic is awesome. It’s not like she leaves much to the imagination.

A more thorough investigation on the controversy and  information on the other Hindu groups who think it’s not a bad thing that their religious stories are being told, can be found here.

Anyways, I guess the point is…the point would be…I don’t know. What kind of uproar would there be if Mohammed was used? Well, we know the answer to that from South Park. And Jesus? Well, aside from the fact that he’d be quite the lame god to play (let me *gasp* BAPTIZE you), then again he could have a cool resurrection passive skill allowing him to skip respawn after dying.

I mean, if they could make CUPID of all gods a cool character to play, anything is possible.

Freedom of expression, what a great thing.

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