Monday 26th September 2022,
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Stranded Deep


Recently Greenlit by the steam community, after two years in development BEAM team Games have a teaser trailer for their upcoming game Stranded Deep:

The game places you in the role of a plane crash survivor, stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, in a procedurally generated world where adventures take place above and below the waves. BEAM are trying to create a whole new simulation genre by taking you on an adventure that will keep you wanting more. Discover unique ecosystems ranging from lush, colourful reefs to deep, dark marine trenches filled with hundreds of fully interactive marine wildlife species. Take on swirling, stormy waves, or kick back and enjoy calm sunsets, all with a fully dynamic day/night weather system.

So far, the key features are listed as:

  • Infinite procedurally generated terrain and biomes – no two games are the same!
  • Custom-built water with realtime buoyancy, subsurface scattering, volumetric fog, god rays, caustics ..and foam!
  • Dynamic day and night system affecting the environment around you,
  • Detailed survival aspects and interaction,
  • Unique item crafting and building,
  • Endless underwater environments and deep sea exploration,
  • In game achievements, unlockables, statistics and rewards,
  • Multi-platform support (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Controller support,
  • Occulus Rift support,
  • Plus more to come!

We’ll have to wait and see if it can distinguish itself from the hundreds of other survival games already on the market, but what I can say is that so far they’ve made one beautiful-looking trailer, and the game’s going on my ‘one to watch’ list straight away…









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