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The Division Beta 1st Impressions

The Division Beta 1st Impressions

Tom Clancy’s The Division beta began yesterday for us PC gamers, among much anticipated fanfare and apprehension. How would the servers hold up? Would the graphics downgrade turn us off?
No. As far as the internet is concerned the servers have held up as well as can be expected and even though in beta, it is a beautiful looking game.

After loading up and getting into the game, one is taken back with how nice everything looks. The weather effects and worn down city-scape drop you smack in the middle of a recently virus ravaged Manhattan and the designers/devs (the guys who made it pretty) did a great job.

After only a few hours in-game and a cautious 30 mins in the PVP zone my opinion is somewhat limited but from what I saw it manages to achieve what it set out to do and encompasses a sound FPS with the RPG and MMO elements we all know and love. Promising.

Crafting (not in the beta) promises to be interesting. Modding your weapons, your appearance, not to mention deciding how and when to make things happen leave you with a great feeling of controlling your own destiny. Vital for that ‘full immersion’ experience.

Taking moments out of the usual mission orientated goal entices you to explore the many well crafted alley ways and buildings revealing a plethora of loot. It brings a nice alternative to gunning down groups of bad guys to just go exploring and discover hidden loot contained in dark and gloomy apartments.

All in all, it’s fun. That’s what we want right? Should you buy it? If you have 3-4 mates who will regularly join you online then yes, if you are going solo, best to mic up and make some friends or you are going to have a bad time.

Early days, it is a beta and one will see how the hype train progresses leading up to the release in just over a month.

The Division is slated for a March 8th 2016 release, more info can be found on the official website here.


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