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The Division: Faction Facts

The Division: Faction Facts

“When our city started to collapse, the dark side of humanity took control of the streets.”

Crisis situations bring out the best of people….and the worst. In the aftermath of the Black Friday attack, New York city has been taken over by various factions. Here’s the rundown of who you’ll be meeting in the grim streets of Manhattan.

SHD (Strategic Homeland Division)


SHD, A.K.A. “The Division“, is a response to the weakness and problems, which have been identified during simulations like Operation Dark Winter and other disaster scenarios in the real-world. The unit’s agents are sleeper agents, but are highly trained to ensure that the key infrastructures and people that remain are protected and to prevent society from falling apart.

This organization is based on the “stay-behind” operation principle, which has existed since World War II.  A country places secret operatives or organizations in its own territory for use in the event that an enemy occupies that territory. They can then work almost independently to stabilize and solve the problem.

CERA (Catastrophic Emergency Response Agency)

CERA is a federal agency which was created to deal with large-scale natural disasters. In The Division, they are the group most focused on halting and containing the spread of the Black Friday Virus, and their efforts, like quarantine zones, medical facilities, and supply distribution centers have been seen throughout the many trailers and gameplay demos for The Division.

CERA was involved heavily in quarantining Manhattan and supplying it’s people with supplies. There are many quarantine zones and checkpoints that showed CERA seals on them that have been destroyed or abandoned. It is also possible to find many CERA trucks and supplies across Manhattan.

Whilst there is no formal U.S. Agency quite like CERA, the closest departments and agencies are the Department of Homeland Security , and one of its’ agencies, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

JTF (Joint Task Force)

The JTF was formed by remnants of various government agencies and departments as a result of the collapse. Understaffed and overworked with meager resources, they have been stretched thin to say the least. As ensuing unrest decimated their ranks, the JTF lost control of New York, leaving the city to turn into a lawless death-trap for all of its citizens. Unable to effectively coordinate and manage the response, the JTF now puts their hope in the members of the Division to lead the way. As such, all Division agents are strongly encouraged to assist the JTF, wherever possible, whether it’s protecting supply drops or aiding civilians in need.


Beware of the thugs who roam in packs through the city. These enemies are low-life criminals, who took advantage of the fall of society to take control of parts of the city. Until you intervene.

“This city fell apart, it’s crazy out here.”



The Rikers are a gang of convicts that escaped Riker’s Island prison and who are now ravaging the city and vying for its control. All these criminals have a strong history of violence, and are now one of the most feared faction in The Division.


“This world is our playground now, and no one’s her to stop us.”


The Cleaners  wear hazmat suits and wield flamethrowers.  They are set on eradicating  the virus in New York by burning everything and everyone. Most of them are former firefighters who turned crazy when the virus hit, and now believe it is their duty to cleanse the world.


LMB (Last Man Battalion)

The Last Man Battalion is formed primarily of ex-soldiers of a private military company, hired by prestigious Wall Street companies to protect assets during the outbreak. When the crisis worsened, the LMB was stranded on the island by their employers, who refused to pull them out. Angry and abandoned, they took advantage of their superior weaponry and training to take control of New York City.




What would be really interesting is to actually see how many of these factions work together or against each other. Imagine going down an alleyway and all of the sudden, you have a heated firefight between The Cleaners and the Last Man Battalion. Can you step in and decide which faction to support? Which brings me to another point: are all of the factions cut and dry? I mean, are The Cleaners simply gonna fry you like a shishkabob when they lay eyes on you? I can understand that certain factions are gonna hate you either way due to the fact that players are members of the Division, but it would be nice to see some leeway in the game mechanics and story.

What are your thoughts on the factions so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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