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The Things You Do For Strawberries!

Hi, I’m Tayahgonie and I’m Yasvindra’s BWE character in Guild Wars 2. Initially, she created me because she didn’t plan to play a Charr at release, but I bet I’ve changed her mind by now. Ha!

Well, the reason I’m here today is because you usually read things written by some weird real people. Bah, what do they know about the life of a character in an online game, right? RIGHT?! Anyhow, now you finally get the chance to read something from a true insider!

I’ll not bother you with all the details of my time as a cub among the Charr; you wouldn’t understand most of it. The more interesting stuff started to happen after I’d grown up, anyway, so my life has been really adventurous of late.

“Ohhh that smell, can’t you smell that smell . . . “

It all started with a ghost attack, and then I got a promotion, my own warband and I’ve saved the Imperator – can you imagine? Me, the savior of the Charr!

Anyway, after a lot of fighting and blood-spilling and killing, I decided I had earned myself a little rest, so I just roamed the countryside when I saw an interesting spot near the Black Citadel. Just a few hops and I was on top of a crumbled wall when suddenly I smelled something sweet – strawberries!

I sniffed the air. Turned my head left and right until I finally found the direction it came from. Let me tell you, that wasn’t easy what with all the smells of rusty metal, decomposing . . . well, stuff . . .  moss and the other distracting odors you find in a place like that.

YIKES! And who left the candles burning?

It was even harder to figure out how to get to the place the smell came from!

After I finally made my way up to that pipe from which the sweet aroma emanated (I almost broke a claw on the way *snarl*), I was in for a shock. Do you have any idea how long it will take to get my fur clean of rust and candle wax? No? Well, it’s still itching!

But the idea of some yummy strawberry pie was just too enticing for me to quit now (and I’d almost broken a claw so I deserved a reward!)

I covered my muzzle with a piece of linen and made my way to a hole in the pipe. Man, was I grateful to have claws! I climbed out of that filthy piece of rust and – yes! – there they were, just a few jumps away!

My precioussss

For a second I considered taking over the patch from the cub tending it but decided against it – someone has to care for the plants so I can come back and get more berries when I feel like it, and that sure won’t be me. I got better things to do . . .

Like preparing them. Maybe something sweet and easy like sugared strawberries? Or strawberries with cream? A smoothie? Or a strawberry pie? Decisions, decisions . . . the life of a hero sure ain’t easy!

Well, gotta run and cook!


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