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The Unsung Heroes

Vaughan Brown (KillaKiwi) 2012-06-26 Varia No Comments on The Unsung Heroes
The Unsung Heroes


Most games nowadays are geared towards some sort of team play as game developers and gamers alike both see the benefits of gaming with buddies. The enjoyment factor goes through the roof when gaming with people you know. Perhaps you don’t know them personally, but enough to enjoy each others’ company, gamestyle, jokes, dirty perverted minds etc.

Who doesn’t use some form of VoIP these days while gaming online? Whether it be an in-game VoIP,  Teamspeak account or Skype. Let’s face it. Gaming with buddies is the epitome of gaming. It’s what ‘makes’ it.


There are often times when gaming online, you accidentally, inadvertently(or purposely) team up with, shoot bullets at, as well as the breeze, with people from all walks of life from all over the globe.

Whether it be capturing a flag, organising that tank rush or just trying to stay alive, teaming up with other ‘unknowns’ is common place.

With the coming of age of VOIP you can even strategise your next move or talk about what’s for dinner, whatever takes your fancy. Now, we have all had the screaming 6 year old in tears cause ‘the bad man took my gun’, but what about those guys/gals out there that aren’t douche-bags(or 6).  You know, the ones where you log on and tentively say ‘hello’, awaiting a response, not knowing what form the reply will take.  Will it be ‘allo’, ‘kinichchiwa’  or ‘Gutentag, mein name ist Fritz, ich bin dein gaming partner diese abend’……wtf?!


I mean the randoms one meets while gaming, the cool ones, the people you are glad you met and have maintained that friendship through gaming and even graduated to a Teamspeak or Skype account with. Not to mention those 2 minute ‘bro-mances’ where you helped fend off an attacking rush by the enemy, where you working together for a brief moment turned the tide in a battle. It’s just epic isn’t it.

It’s like a bad joke. What does an Englishman, an American and a German have in common? They’ll come to your aid in the moment of dire need, anytime, anywhere, with backup to save your life. Virtually.

How cool is it? You are playing a game you are new to, getting your ass kicked when along comes a friendly dude willing to show you the ropes. You have never met. You don’t know each other, yet here you’re being helped along by a stranger. He’s giving you ammo, waiting for you and showing you a new route…. why? Because, he can.

The range of people you could be teaming up with is mind blowing. A 3 year old kid from China (who is awesome).  A rock star from Russia.  Your neighbor.  A supermodel (that’s what I imagine). The possibilities are endless.


Or on the other hand finding that noob and guiding them to greatness in a game you know well. Feels good, doesn’t it?

There has been alot of talk over the years of all the douche baggery that goes on while online gaming. Hacking! Glitching! Spawn Raping!  And yes, let’s admit, there is a fair bit of that going on. It is part of the gaming world and something you have to get used to really quickly. We have all been douche bagged at some point in our gaming careers, no doubt more than once. I know. I know.

But I’m sure we have also all been given that little helping hand at some stage by Mr Random to help us out in some way. That unsung hero, that man with no name, giving his all, risking his life or even the fate of millions to help you. The smurf. The blue dot. The noob.

One can never have enough gaming buddies and we all know that without them, the guys on our virtual friends lists, gaming just wouldn’t be…well….gaming.

But let’s not forget the blue dots, the unsung heroes that we come across countless times, every time we play.

So this is a a tribute to all you people out there, a thank you. Well done. Thank you for being there when I needed you. Thank you for telling me how to change my weapon, defeat a tank rush or pick up a can of beans. Thank you for covering my ass, giving me some ammo, reviving me. Thank you for using artillery on those buildings, spotting the sniper on the crane, killing that zombie. Thank you for picking me up in the jeep, not stealing my tank or killing me.

Thank you for not being a douche.




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