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Week in Review (2014/Week 49)

Week in Review (2014/Week 49)

Give the Dog an Xbone: New Street Fighter PC/PS4 Exclusive

What started mid-week as a rumour (via a video leak) turned out to be true after all – Capcom are working on a new Street Fighter game. The acclaimed Japanese publisher has now confirmed that what the leaked teaser was showing is, in fact, for real.

Even though the official trailer – released a day later and being just a slightly modified variant of the leaked video – does not indicate when the title will be released, one thing about it is very important. The teaser confirmed that the game will be a PC and PS4 exclusive, and will offer cross-platform play. More details and the first in-game footage will be presented to the public on December 13th, during this year’s Capcom Cup event.

Cor Blimey, Assassin’s Creed is Heading to London

WiR-ACVictoryThe Leak Week Extravaganza continued with some unintended spillage from the udders of Ubisoft’s favourite cash-cow, Assassin’s Creed. Concept art for Assassin’s Creed: Victory suggests that the next instalment of this long-winded franchise about tussling Templars will take place in Victorian London. Shortly after PC Gamer magazine published the news on their website, Ubisoft confirmed it. This seems to be consistent with the slightly older news that their plan is to release a new AC game every year, possibly for eternity (or at least until the moon crashes into the earth and finally stops them).

What’s our take on all this? It’s obvious! Come on Ubisoft, get serious – fix Unity first!

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