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Week in Review (2014/Week 50)

Week in Review (2014/Week 50)

Book some time off — HOMM3 HD to debut late next month

News of the week, by a long mile. On January 29th, Ubisoft will release an HD version of one of the best strategy games ever made – Heroes of Might And Magic III. The modern-day conversion will be compatible with widescreen resolutions and will include visual tweaks that let you enjoy all 7 campaigns and 50 skirmish maps from the main game (but sadly not the three expansion packs). Additionally, the multiplayer mode will take advantage of Steamworks to make finding people to play with a lot easier. Check it out below.

Witch way did he go? The Witcher 3 slips to May

CD Projekt RED have announced that their upcoming open-world RPG will now slide to May 2015. May 18th, precisely. In an open letter to fans released last Monday, the developers apologized for this unfortunate situation and honestly admitted to having miscalculated the effort required to deliver a game of the highest possible quality. The game will continue to be polished and buffed, as the QA and bugfixing processes really heat up over the next few months.

Sadness: The father of videogames passes away

Ralph BaerLast Sunday the video games industry was hit by the sad news of Ralph Baer‘s passing at the age of 92. Mr. Baer has often been called the father of video games. A German-born American inventor and engineer with over 150 patents to his name, Baer’s ideas and projects contributed to the creation of the first arcade game machine, and the first home gaming console. Mr. Baer’s influence on the birth of video games was fundamental, and he will be greatly missed (but not forgotten!).

Just Because: New Just Cause 3 screenshots

Avalanche Studios posted a hefty drop of screenshots from their upcoming Just Cause 3. A new, twenty-pic gallery shows some insane footage from the latest instalment of Rico Rodriguez’s open-world adventures, and promises a lot of grapple-kaboom! gameplay when it hits stores next year. Available on PC, PS4 and Xbone, JC3 will be published by Square Enix. The exact date is still unknown, so stay tuned for further details.

Cities XL sequel to be super-sized: Cities XXL

Continuing their trend of deliberately poking EA’s SimCity in the eye with their Cities XL sequel’s marketing, Focus Home Intercative have announced that Cities XXL will allow for some truly enormous cities. The developers have now promised that the game will offer over 1,000 different building models and 70-plus maps with various terrain and environments to try your luck building, managing and expanding a successful city, and all with multi-core processor support. Phew! The announcement by Focus Home also promises greater focus on green issues, meaning we’ll need to keep an eye on pollution levels and approach our urban management with an ecological touch. And if you feel like your city is missing something, you’ll be able to add it to your game using a custom toolset and then share it via the Steam Workshop. If they can fix the tedious limitation on organic growth that the series’ separately-wealthed buildings have presented so far,  we might be in for the best city builder yet. (Unless, of course, Paradox Interactive’s own Cities: Skylines beats it…)

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