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Week in Review (2015/Week 05)

Week in Review (2015/Week 05)

Good evening, and here is the XP4T news with your host, Neoheresy. If you’re a Raptr user, make haste to the password change section of your profile as it may have been stolen, as disclosed by Raptr’s CEO. You may also want to mark Valentine’s Day in you calendars, but this time for gaming purposes, as this is exactly when the open beta launched for pedestrian-squashing classic revival, Carmageddon Reincarnation.

At, we love it when gamers shows their talents to the world and make something spectacular with the games they they love. That’s why we were particularly happy to see that a group of avid Portal 2 fans have been working on a really cool — and really hefty — mod for their beloved title. Known as Portal Stories: Mel, the team are planning to release it within Q1 of this year. You can watch the video below to see what’s coming your way, if you happen to own Portal 2. (and let’s face it, you should have at least one of them).

Blizzard‘s Dustin Browder confirmed in an interview for PC Gamer that the Blizzard folks are hard at work on new content for their attempt to storm the MOBA market with Heroes of The Storm. If you’re a fan of HoTS, give the interview a careful read as it provides a lot of info on how the game was created and what’s to be expected in the coming months. Also, feel encouraged to read Krooloo’s HotS Beta impressions we reported just over a week ago.

Elsewhere in the US, the American division of SEGA is relocating from Northern to Southern California, downsizing and laying off about 300 employees, as reported by the CNBC website.

With the success of their spectacular King’s Landing map for Minecraft, the Westeroscraft team are working hard to recreate the entire land of Westeros, from George R.R. Martin’s mind-bogglingly popular Game of Thrones books and TV series, in everyone’s favourite building blocks! Around 125 people are engaged in the project and so far, it looks absolutely brilliant!

Following the rocky launch of Ubisoft’s Heroes of Might and Magic III HD earlier this month, a remastered version of Farhenheit/Indigo Prophecy was also released, this time on Steam. Other treats for download on Teh Gaben’s site include the long-awaited Dead State demo. Don’t forget to check out our preview of this really rather good apocalypse survival game by our field report, Dig Bick.

Put your hands up and turn around slowly — the Battlefield Hardline beta launches tomorrow, February 3rd. Once you’ve been tazed and shot in the head by your friends, you can try relaxing with the LoL soundtrack, now freely available from the game’s official website.

Finally, Ubisoft have again made angry headlines with a large-scale Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Watch Dogs and The Crew activation key revocation operation, targeting users who bought the game from online resellers the publisher does not recognize as legit (for example, Kinguin). Oh Ubisoft, will you ever have your time in the sun again? Speaking of sun, it’s over to the GeekyCatLady for the weather …

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