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Will it Run? | Dragon Age: Inquisition

We’re a friendly bunch at XP4T, and there’s nothing we like better than making new friends (then headshotting them in ARMA or UT when they’re not looking). Our newest friends are top Polish hardware news and review site PurePC , with whom we’ve entered an exciting partnership. (If you’re wondering how the hell an English-language gaming site works with a Polish-language site, just know that a few of us can actually speak that sinister language). As a result, we’ll be sharing PurePC’s findings on how the latest PC games perform on a wide range of GPUs (including some of the latest). We’re doing all of this with one aim in mind — to help you find the answer to the primeval question burning in the mind of every member of the PC Gaming Master Race when you see a hot new game: Can.My.Rig.Handle.It?  And so without further ado, the first heroic episode in this thrilling series is Dragon Age: Inquisition.

DA: Inquisition

This Frostbyte 3.0-propelled game sure looks stunning. From the very beginning, the screenshots generously plastered by EA all over the interwebs promised an extraordinary experience. Looking at how well the engine ran Battlefield 4, Dragon Age fans were rather optimistic about Inquisition‘s performance. Alas,when the game hit the shelves on November 18th, eager players were unpleasantly surprised — whilst it sure looks stunning, buying or upgrading a PC to make it capable of handling your adventures in Thedas at max settings would probably require more gold than a dragon’s hoard. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

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