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World of Tanks – Physics Patch

World of Tanks learns the laws of Physics, and tanks learn to fly!

sort of…

If you haven’t heard of World of Tanks yet and you consider yourself a “gamer” – you’re not.

The third-person shooter, somewhat tactical, packed with action and, above all, free-to-play PvP only game has been raging around the world for a little more than two years now. It is by far the most successful microtransaction model game to hit the western world, and likely to be the most successful game to come out of Russia since Tetris.

World of Tanks XP4T

“I believe I can fly!” Source: wot facebook

Now that you’re all caught up, the point of this article is to consider the new upcoming patch for World of Tanks. This patch, is a game changer. No, really! I mean, I know we all bitch around about nerfs and new classes in other MMOs, and whine about how your super duper special sword which took you 1.5 years to grind for will be RUINED with a patch…but it’s absolutely nothing compared to patch 0.8 for WOT.

Because this time, World of Tanks goes Physics!

Imagine that you’re playing a tank on a map which has mountains, cliffs, rivers, crevices and so on. Most of these you cannot drive over or into, there is a “playable” area, and if you try to go down a cliff, your tank will just stop against the infamous invisible wall, and force you to back up.

No more!

With patch 0.8 if you are stupid enough to come near that cliff, you will fall. And if you’re heavy, the weight of your own tank will most likely cause it to explode in a fiery ball of metal when it hits the ground below. And if you were to drive the fastest scouts over that cliff at 72km/h, you will FLY! Up until you crash to your amazingly cinematic death, hopefully on top of an unsuspecting enemy tank.

Who needs arty anymore! It’s raining tanks!

The new physics engine is currently available on the World of Tank test server for anyone and everyone to try out. The only catch is that you needed to have an account prior to August 7th to play, most likely because that’s when they took a database dump and transferred it to test. This also means that any tank or research done after August 7th isn’t on the test server, and currently you cannot actually research anything on the test server as the rest of patch 0.8 isn’t available yet.

So what else does 0.8 bring us? Well, actually quite a lot. An entirely new graphics engine will make World of Tanks one of the best looking battlegrounds around! Check the video for some nifty before and after shots!

And for the sake of information, here is a quote from a news site on patch 0.8:

“A host of new additions and improvements will also include emblem and inscription customization, adaptive camouflage, mini-map functions, and an enhanced tech tree interface. For the first time, players will be able to transfer free experience into crew experience, and select the battle mode they want to play.

Update 8.0 will also feature new tanks, with the Soviet tech tree expanded to include five new robust tank destroyers: SU-122-44, SU-122-54, SU-100M-1, Uralmash-1 and Object 263. The British will also benefit from the inclusion of that tech tree’s first premium machine — the famous Matilda Black Prince experimental medium infantry tank.” –

What on earth is “adaptive camouflage” you ask?

So instead of looking like the guy on the left with your tank in a winter map, you can look as awesome as the guy on the right!

Well, players will have the possibility to purchase three types of camouflage which will coincide with three types of maps – ‘Summer’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Sand’. Each of which will match the backdrop of WOT’s various maps and will change according to which one you end up in. But actually the coolest part of this addition is the fact that adaptive camouflage will now give a 5% bonus to the camouflage rates of the vehicle.

Did we mention camouflage costs gold? Yeah, knows its business.

The exact date of the 0.8 release on the live server is not yet known. Wargaming will most likely be gathering as much feedback as possible on this entirely new gameplay and make tons of final tweaks before settling on a solid date. And like all previous patches, it should roll out on the Russian server first before being trusted to the EU and US servers.

If you do venture on the test server, give up all hopes for tactics or actual will to win a match. Players are currently more likely to run into each other and push allies off the cliff than they are to actually attempt a victory. But it’s all good fun, and since it’s the test server – no harm done!

So go, fly, crash and die – you’ll laugh.

Official info on the public test is here.

Official info on the patch.

More screenshots!

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