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X-COM 2 Survival Tips

X-COM 2 Survival Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned Commander, or an aspiring recruit, these tips and suggestions will help to improve the longevity of your team and maybe, just maybe give you the upper hand.

The key to success in Xcom 2 lies in the survivability of your agents. The longer they live, the better abilities they acquire and more deadly they become. Xcom is all about managing probabilities and taking RNG into account, but no matter how good cover you find, how resistant armour you equip, the laws of probability dictate that at some point you WILL get hit. Even if an enemy has even a meagre 10% chance to hurt you, he will get you at some point. Paradoxically then, if you want to ensure safety of your team, you have to go on offence, and completely take out enemies out of the equation, before they even have a chance to do anything.

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How to do this? There are several ways: – Grenades! Early on they provide a sure way to kill aliens and level up agens – grenades don’t miss, so it’s another way to tell RNG to fuck himself. Even later on frags serve as great way to expose enemies hiding behind cover. The whole squad should have them apart from one medic with a healing drone. We don’t plan on even getting fired at, remember? – Weapons over armour. Research mag weapons first, way before better armour. Again, we want to blow up enemies before they even get the chance to laugh at your cardboard breastplates. Add attachments as soon as you can. – Build Guerilla Tactics School quickly and upgrade you squad size to 5 and then 6 agents. Again, more firepower = better survivability.

In the beggining take 1 rookie to accompany veterans on missions you expect to be relatively easy. At some point the vets are going to need a rest, and you don’t want to be left with noobs then. – Take on enemies one squad at a time. If you find a group of baddies, be careful not to advance too far. That flanking spot may seem tempting, but you don’t know if it won’t trigger another group of aliens. More aliens = worse survivability. – Take 2 grenadiers. Sweet, sweet grenades. More of them, with better range. Again, great RNG equalizer. Fantastic firepower, especially later on with suppressing fire (more on that below). – Advance slowly.

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I know the clock is always ticking, but extending is usually a very bad idea as it relies on RNG being generous. Remember, RNG is not generous, it’s a volatile little fucker who’s never good for you. If you play your cards right, you will be able to kill off single squads within one turn and then advance. Your team is supposed to be a steam roller, not a racing car. – Focus firepower. If you encounter an especially dangerous enemy, you want your whole squad to be in range. That Sectopod won’t care how much armour you have – it’s gonna fuck you up unless you do that to him first. Again – keep your advance compact, don’t overextend.

Your team is supposed to be a steam roller, not a racing car.

First, hit the big fellow with explosives and armour-shredding abilities, then fill with lead/plasma. – Be safe, always assume a miss, even on those 85% shots. – When concealed, get everyone into position, apply overwatch and start with a rocket/grenade = near guaranteed wipe. Role-specific tips: – Sharpshooter – Long Watch + extended mag ensures you can fire up to six 6 during enemy turn. Get him on a ledge and maximize efficiency. Having 3 decent snipers with Squad Sight comes in handy especially during ship defence – they can just sit back on the platform and provide fire support. Don’t pick more than 2 in a 6-man squad. Don’t rely on them too much. They’re supposed to be your support, not main offensive tool. – Grenadier – one should focus on armour shredding, the other one on explosives. Both should carry as much grenades as possible. Find an enemy, frag and deprive him of cover, eliminate. Also, learn Suppression.


If your plan fails and someone gets into trouble, suppressing fire can ensure that Holy Laser Beam Of Death misses your reckless dude, instead of turning him into green goo. Salvo lets you fire your grenade/rocket launcher, and THEN attack normally. Awesome, because more firepower = more survivability. Main offensive tool. – Specialist – one should be medic, the rest mech destroyers. Haywire protocol can stun robots, but it relies on RNG, and we don’t like that. Hack robots only if the chance is above 80%, and even then have a plan B. Aid protocol is nice when someone bites more than he could chew, but you should never put yourself in such positions. – Ranger – with certain skills they become fantastic RNG-equalizers.

Take rifles as they’re more reliable than shotguns. Go right-hand on level ups and you’ll get a front-liner, who will protect the rest against undetected melee threats. Bladestorm + Untouchable can nullify Chryssalids. Shadowstep lets you close distance. Go left-hand on level ups and you’ll get a ninja who’ll make you F5/F9 every two turns, not recommended. Give them mobility upgrades.

If you put these tactics to use, you’re survivability chances will greatly increase. Did we miss something? Put down YOUR survival tips down below in the comment section!

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